Hanging Poopy Diaper

Mistress Gaia – Footworship & Scat Delights

My bitch of a slave wants to enjoy some of the delights I have to offer. So I tell him if he makes a good jov of licking my shoes and feet I may reward him. As I answer some emails I tell him to begin with my feet. We progress, and I then want to see how good he with his face in my ass. He must remove my jeans anad fold them neatly. Then I tell him to kneel on the floor, and as I stand over him he has to firmly put his face in my beautiful ass. This is such a compliment to my bitch, as he is allowed the privilege of the aroma from my ass. As he’s been reasonably responsive to my requests. It’s time to allow him another treat. I’m going to allow him the luxury of enjoying my shit. As I tell him to get that mouth of his wide opan. I place my ass right into his face and relieve my shit straight into his mouth. He must swallow it all. I won’t accept any wastage, as I sit and make sure he finishes all of it. When I know he’s finished, I tell him to remain where he is until I return. However, just after leaving I realize that i need a pee. What a great way for my slave to wash down his earlier delight. I tell him to ready himself, and that I’m going to give him a extra treat. He is going to enjoy drinking my pee. As I stand over him I make sure his mouth is open nice and wide. Its a great relief as I direct my piss into my sluts mouth. What a lucky bitch he is to enjoy the flavour of my amber nectar. As part of his reward, I tell him he must make sure he sucks up any pee from the floor…


Oxana is pooping nasty in new red lines panties!

Melissa’s Funky Fabolous Five!!

Melissa is back with a fab 4 plus one!!! She was cranking out some super logs as usual from that super duper ass!! Enjoy as that ass just wiggles as she hovers over the bowl to squeeze out that golden nectar before baking up the Brownies!! Nothing like watching this women slide in and out her pants and panties and watching that phat ass plop down on the bowl!! She got one of those asses that makes you wish you were her toilet for five minutes or so!! Enjoy as she takes her seat on the throne to expunge those big old rattlesnakes out her ass!!! What an ass it is though!!! over 18 minutes of action ? so it?s plenty a fix for you Melissa booty fanatics!!

Shit Out Of The Toilet To Eat

Come on you little horny slut with me to the toilet and watch me as I only smoke one for you and then extracting a horny sausage shit. How do you think you can so it does not stay here and I will eat out of the toilet a bit of my shit. Unfortunately I had to stand the camera sees something wrong and you have much of a closet. Nevertheless, one can see everything.