Hard Peeing Andaba

Treatment Of Colds With Shit

I a little sick, had a cold. Having refused traditional treatment, I developed the method of treatment, treatment shit. Is shit it doesn’t taste nasty, I begin to understand why my shit-eater so loves and craves all the time to eat my shit. I miss him, and spend my evenings making shit molds, thinking about how I’m gonna shit in him. And he smacks, chews and swallows all my shit.

Thick Load Thru Panties

with my cute lace panties on i need to shit badly, the stomach pains of me holding my shit in so long, it needs to come out. I begin topless with my legs spread and begin to strain and moan load, wanting the shit to come out my asshole, it then squirts out hard turds come first then THE THICK CREAMY LOAD COMES SQUEEZING OUT MY PANTIES split it the smell is very intense the load is huge and creamy ugh its a nice load all for you. I then take my panties off and show them off to you, your begging for it and want more! i demand you to buy my shit and indulge in the nastiness! i put the shit in a container with the panties all packaged up and ready for YOU!

Pee Waiting Poo: M. Isabella .

229: Mistress Isabella sits on her toilet-seat and tries to feed her hungry slave with her delicious shit, unfortunately for him this time he’s given only pee, pee and more pee. Mistress Isabella pours litres of golden nectar into her slave’s thirsty mouth and makes him gulp it all down. Amazing close-ups of Mistress Isabella’s beautiful bottom as well. MP4

Pooping From My Bathroom Sink!

It’s another sink pooping scene but this time it’s in my bathroom. Watch me take a humongous shit as I perch myself on the bathroom sink and drop some bombs!!! I also had to pee badly so the stream is quite strong and seems endless…so hot and kinky! 😉