Hardcore Babe Is Peeing So Well On The Camera

Morning Feeding My Loser Of The Toilet Bowl-urinal

I woke up from the unbearable desire to take a shit. Quickly ordered my Toilet Shit eater to lie down and prepare to eat my shit. Big lot of shit he had to eat, be in my ass. He choked, and I shoved my shit down his throat over and over again so you have to eat everything!

Real Live Toilet

Today I will be strict with my slave and I will make him lick my shoes and suck the heels. Clean my dirty shoes with his tongue. You’re the rug I’m wiping my feet about. It’s very fun, isn’t it? After he cleaned my shoes he will have to lick my ass hole for so long until I stop him. You a toilet paper, ass licker for women’s pleasures.. Don’t stop, slave. Just do your job well and as a reward you’ll get my SHIT. Open your mouth – shits on the way. I load your mouth and your face. Don’t look at me, just eat. Is it tasty to you? You’re a Real Shit Eater, despite the smell of my shit – you continue to lick my ass. Here get in addition my spit. Swallow and Jerk Off!

The Toilet Slave Under Wc Chair Drink All

For the toilet slaven, it’s time to try the Mistress Giorgia Divina toilet chair.The Mistress obliges the slave to lie down under the chair, sits down and tells the slave open your mouth, toilet. The slave has to act as a real open-mouth toilet waits for the Mistress to begin to piss.She starts with an abundance of pee with ease and the slave is obliged to drink everything, very little pee goes out, everything else is drunk by the slave.The slave then has to make toilet paper with his tongue.The slave is very excited and the Mistress decides to do it masturbating, but when it comes to reaching pleasure she stops her hand in a spectacular tease and denial … The slave is exhausted and begs the Mistress to reach orgasm, but She’s inflexible says NO!

Shocking Girls Scatsex..

A lesbian woman shows two young girls (over 18) first time how she is into their shit… The girls are shocked and you can see in their faces how, but also that they are horny about it…