Hardcore Cat Pooping

Mistress Roberta Dirty Socks With Her Toilet

Mistress Roberta is back after 2-3 weeks. She just find another location where she can make her dirty movies ! Today she will use her pathetic slut for a socks session, smelling, sniffing, licking her dirty socks….and a nice shitting in his mouth. The new place is great for a morning scat session ! The toilet must consume all her kaviar because Mistress Roberta was in a hurry and wait for her friend.

She Couldn’t Hold Her Pee Anymore!

She has this rare medical condition in which she’s having a hard time holding her pee. Until she’s cured, they advise her to wear a diaper everytime she goes out. But she forgets to do this when goes for a coffee run this morning so the expected happened; she had to pee all over her pants! Her friend reprimanded her for not wearing a diaper before going out so they make her lie down in bed like an infant and slap a diaper around her bum.

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Pissing From Mistress

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