Hardcore Pee And Aconda

Hard Kackbolzen For Frank!

Finally, the expected portion for my Frank! Nice, hard shit that was born here

Mistress Gaia – Shitting At My Friend’s House

During a dinner at one of my friend?s house, I really really needed to use the toilet. Good food usually make me feel the urge to defecate. But the nice bathroom was too clean to be used. By the way I almost never used a toilet bowl in the last three years. So I ordered to my personal toilet slave to be prepared. First he had to lick my shoes, then smell my nasty farts. Once on the ground he had to open his mouth and receive my shit. He could only swallow a bit with the other pieces fell on the ground. So when his tongue was clear enough I ordered him to lick my dirty ass clean. Then I put the turds on the ground back in his mouth, all of them, and when my toilet went to dump them in the bowl, I flushed it so he could wash his face.

A Tremendous Amount Of Shit

Incredible, Melissa shit back to the mall, but it’s time its creamy sauce seems that never ends. Get ready for a few minutes to see a real yellow rain that comes out of his ass.