Has To Go Shit Herself

New Godes Strike Again – Eat All Shit

My new Godess strike again !!! A mistress from the movie Shit-eating from a new GODESS use me again as her full receptacle for her shit. Because i obey every order she gave me, she take me at her home to be her personal toilet today. She feel so good and before using my mouth she make me a small session of CBT and BALLBUSTING, humiliating me a lot. Then she asked me if i am ready and prepared to be a potty mouth. She put me down into her lobby and beeing dressed in a red metalic catsuit, she began to shit in my mouth. She fill my mouth with her shit very soon. She obliged me to chew and swallow her Royal Kaviar and pushing her shit deep into my throat with her gloves. This is the second movie with this new Godess and more will fallow if we also have a great and positive response from our members who will buy this movie splitted in 2 parts. ENJOY !!! this is part 1 of this movie.

Paula Peeing

Let’s run Paula! And the next time we promise you allowed to use a Slave to you as toilet paper. Volunteers please stand up!!!

Sanya Pride And Gina Blonde 01

The girls let him worship asses and feet. Sanya piss in slaves mouth.

My Scat Makes Your Pizza Extra Special!

Ever wonder why your pizza tastes so damn good? It’s because I put a special ingredient on it. You wanna know what it is? It’s none other than my sticky and creamy scat!