Hate Cum And Piss

Who Would Like To Swallow Hearty Piss, Vomit And Snot?

If no one wants to, they’ll have to. I love putting my slaves in desperate situations. Just like in this video where he has the standing order to keep the table clean with his tongue and drink the bowl in which we all three of us piss out. The slave licks as fast as he can and drinks the cup empty from time to time. Domi increases the severity level, she chops on the middle of the table, at the latest now the slave has a big problem because the order applies even if vomit lands on the table.

Adelina Frau – Shit Stuffing

The only thing that my slave should see… is my asshole and especially my delicious shit! The only meaning of his miserable existence should be this and nothing else. But do not worry, slave. I have a lot of shit and I will use you for a long time. Open your mouth and shut up!

Melissa’s Four Times The Funk!!

Enjoy four great clips of Melissa Peeing, Farting and Shitting at work. She is by far the most popular lady on my other sites. These are clips that were ?Banned? from my other site for being too ‘Graphic’?Kinda laughable when you look at the content on Scatshop!! lol Enjoy as she Squats and pees right in front of the camera then props that phat ass down and releases some giant turds to match that bubble butt of hers?.You can lose your mind staring into that juicy, round ass of her. What I wouldn’t give to be her toilet seat!! Never been so jealous of an inanimate object

Smoking Toilet 1080p

Ms. Anna gives you an up close and personal look as what its like to be her pee drinking shit eating toilet. Hows it feel to drink her pee and eat her fat logs?