Having Sex When Shitting

Eat From The Bowl Loser!

My slave is eager to eat my precious shit, but my plan is not to shit in his mouth. That is too easy! So I call the slave to the toilet, and have him watch as I take a big dump, and pee in the bowl. First I need him to clean my ass with his dirty tongue. When he is done with his cleaning duties, I have him put his head in the toilet bowl and get my shit to eat it. But the loser can’t reach it, so I have to allow him to use his hands and get it. I am not satisfied until he has eaten all my shit!

How To Eat Peperonata

181.3 My Italian slave can not eat a lot but he like the taste of my ‘day after’ peperonata. May be you want to see….. MP4

Thick Sausage In Boots

This thick sausage would you like it. Would you like to have?