Hd Panty Poopin

Dirty Anal And Scat Facial

Okay, you depraved scat freaks. You made your voices heard. I finally did one for you guys and gals. :PI first take a dump on top of my toy container/stand and then fuck my dirty hole with my toy. Then I decide to suck on my shit, and then rub my face all over it several times. Eventually, I decided to mix my shit with vomit and bathe my face with it.More scat clips will come later.

Dirty Scat-cock

another piss and huge pile of shit on my slaves cock. i smear it with my beautiful nylon feet. then i give him a dirty handjob with a black glove on

Mistress Roberta – Painting The Balls With Shit

Today my slave will be more and more covered in shit because today is the easter and my slave will have the eggs -balls painted with shit today and to do that first i shit in one pantyhose sock and i tease my pot with the shit inside the sock and after i take it out anf fill his body and balls with shit and make him a nice costume on for this easter. enjoy.


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