He Dont Want Pee But She

Feeding The Shit And Humiliation

I decided to surprise my shit-eater. Today, the slavegirl and I will feed him my shit from yesterday. And to give him an incentive to eat everything, I made a bucket of mayonnaise. If he doesn’t eat, I’ll dip his head in mayonnaise, dipped until he eats it all!

Public Beach Wetting/pissing

Last days of the summer are amazing! Sunny and warm! Watch me at a beautiful beach full of people, coming out of the sea, drinking an ice coffee, squatting on the sand and peeing in my bikini, watering the dunes with dozens of people all around! Taking a shower after that and showing some tits:) It`s a great feeling to empty your bladder in public:)

Cucumber, Shit, And Masturbation

First, I’ll make the shit on the kitchen. Then, very slowly, I will shave my shit all over my body. Then I take the cucumber and lightly sweat my horny cunt. Yet, still, more and more, I need to fuck. My whole body smeared the shit and I see that the cameraman has a strong erection. I say this is it, I have to take a hard dick in your mouth and suck it. I like deep throat must swallow sperm.

Take Your Mouth On It Is Something Nice

Come and put you right under me so I can shit in your mouth cunt nice looking kann.Ich that you will like my fat sausage tasty.