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Nurse Pissing Inside Patient’s Mouth!

This man regularly has a nurse visiting in his home to check up on him, unfortunately for him, a dominatrix is sent to him in this situation! When the woman arrived and learned that he lives alone, she proceeds to take advantage of him! At first, she makes him strip off his clothes! As soon as he is rendered naked, she lays him on the floor on his back and then takes off her panties! After which, she begins urinating in his mouth, leaving him with no choice but to swallow her piss! When she couldnÂ’t release anymore, she positions his head on the couch while the rest of his body is still on the floor! Then, without warning, she smothers him with her crotch to make him lick her pussy clean! Only when she gets satisfied does she leave him alone!

Mistress Roberta – Mix Compilation Nr 2

One of our best Romanian Scat Goddess you saw her and will see her from now in our toilet movies. When she have something in her mind, the toilets are destroyed ! Her shit is sacred and she is a Scat Goddess who can produce big amounts of turds and shit. In her movies (in this compilations you will find all her movies from our studio – only scat part, movies not find in the part 1) she wanna be sure that her shit is not wasted and her personal toilet is trained enough to can swallow. Buy this compilation and see her in action in different ocassions. She promise to produce more movies, movies with our toilet slaves ! A unique compilation you must have it, worth it !

The Looser P3 Hd Version

Lady Missy it does not matter if the toilet slave has already swallowed so much shit. Simply shits again. The slave lies on the ground. His whole face is full of shit. Never mind, Lady Missy puts the toilet paper directly on his face. Mistress Michelle pees on top. Then Lady Missy has the idea to stuff the whole rest of shit in the mouth of the slaves.

Scat Deep Hand And Real Swallow – Xtra Enormous Scat By Barbara Ferraz

Extra Pervers New Scat Movie. Very Big Scat Come Out Of The Ass From Barbara Ferraz And Go Direct In The Throat Of Her Slave. The Slave Real Swallow The Scat And Domina Put Her Whole Hand In Her Mouth. Extra Pervers Dirty Scat Movie!!