He Must To Poop

Crocked In The Toilet

When I cleaned up in the bathroom, my stomach jerked abruptly and I was pulled into the toilet. I really wanted to shit. And I took the whole process to the camera. Who is this watching me? Dirty and stupid loser, again you masturbate at the beautiful Mistress? Huh? You fucking loser, open your mouth and imagine how my shit melts in your mouth. You feel bitterness and a foul odor, but it excites you. All that you deserve is my shit. You are pathetic slave.

Shocking Teenage Pissgirls Drink Pee

Yes, they do that for real. they swallow other girls piss cause they are into it… Lesbian teenagers in extreme action!

Megashit Part2

We had been shitting so much that you couldn?t see the face of our toilet anymore.Attention: The movie is no more available in memberarea

6 Students Fill Up Their Toilet Slave Part 6

Here the Girls came together after school to abuse their Toilet Slave and fill him up with Poop. Part 6. English Subtitles.