He Pee Into Her Bladder Via Cat Heter

Meal For Toilet Slave

A slave like you has come to me to have me fulfill a huge turn on for you… a Mistress taking a dump in your mouth! Hey! What did I say, slave! I said no touching! Get down on the floor, no more games! I decide since you’ve disobeyed me that you’re a BAD slave, and you can forget getting a turd in your mouth–I’m giving you what you deserve! A load of shit on your face! Open your mouth slave, I can tell this is what you really wanted!

The Life Of Toilet Slaves!

Second Part – Two toilet slaves lay quietly in the position where they were instructed to be. One under portable a toilet stool with his mouth open and the other lied back in the corner waiting for his Mistresses dirty ass to clean!

Slave Training Fully Loaded! – Part 1

They are both naked and she’s whipping his body using her favorite flogger. She squats over his head and ejects shit right into his open mouth!