He Shits In Sluts Mouth

Toilet Time 18

This was loads of fun. Yeah I know…..In Toilet Time I’m supposed to shit in regular bathroom toilets but wanted to show you guys something special. My slave ate my bowel movement out of a plate two days ago and I ordered him to leave it dirty. Watch as I take a very nasty and big soft shit slowly right into this plate for you. Also see the closeup view of of shit still stuck to my ass…

Shit Cup Of Coffee

My wife makes shit in a cup of coffee.

2 Tini Girls Are Thirsty For Piss

These 2 schoolgirls really like to give and receive pee during sex.. So they drunk a lot of water to be able to pee a lot, and they really-really enjoy to get some pee in their mouth from their boyfriends..

Facesitting & Extreme Pissing By Four Mistress

Four Mistress extreme facesitting femdom and smothering then finished off with absolute non stop pissing by them.