He Swallow My Piss

Life Under The Female Ass! Luxury 3!

Life under the female ass! Luxury 3! You look at the real life of a man under the smelly and sweet female ass. He is a permanent toilet for a group of girls and often he has to suffer a lot, but girls do not care about the toilet slave’s problems, because they want to shit, and the slave must eat everything – girls will not allow him to refuse! He himself chose his fate and the girls understand this. Girls laugh at him – for them he is a stupid, inferior creature. Kira, Yana and Karina rode a toilet slave as on a warhorse. Then they studied karate and used the slave as a punching bag. Christina made him bark like a dog and meow like a cat. The slave suffered a lot, but he knew that there would be a reward soon! He was waiting for a sweet meal of 4 young ass!P.S. Karina – mega big pile of hard shit!

Another Day In The Office Part 8 Jessy

This is one of our Fans Favorite Movie. The Girl is chatting in Facebook or where ever and sits on the Slaves Face letting go of some really nasty Poop. In this Clip, Jessy shows exactly how little the Slave matters. Then follows some Diarrhea, so the Slave gets sick and again everything turned out perfect English Subtitles

Pissing And Shitting Soft, At The Same Time In The 8th Month

I had so much pressure on the ass that I could not even pee in peace. I already shot the shit right out of my ass into the bowl