Heavy Shit Fuckers

Piss In The Break 02 Mini

Another break in the shooting. Watch the girls have a coffe, and yeas now Mini have to piss. She do in a glas and gives it to the slave to drink. No breaks for slaves 😉

Mistress Roberta -shit Tease And Body Pusnishment

Today my pot wake me up and i decide to punish him for the insolence so i take some crops, canes and also hit him with the hand by his cock a few times while i say all the things he does wrong first he doenst have his chastity on and he get teased by my body but also i tease him with his meal today and i let him eat only if he is able to release himself, enjoy.

Mistress Roberta – Double Snack Day-full-pov

Today i am pooping twice thing i don’t get very often so i decided to give you an part 1 and 2 with the small breakfast first and the better one second so enjoy the food also the pee soaked socks you should suck it off that pee 🙂 .This second late breakfast todayis more creamy, a bit bigger and comes with creampie wich you have to lick so today you will lick my pussy, my ass, and after you will get a creamy shit soaked in pee with creampie on .

Mistress Gaia – Pushing Your Face Into My Shit

Custom RequestHello mistress gaia,I have brought many of your video clips my favourite ones are where you push your slaves face into a big pile of your shit, by putting your foot on the back of their head and slowly push their face into your shit. Please can you make one for me. You have a slave laying on their stomach with their hands tied behind their back. You shit right in front of their face. Then with your sexy leather boots on you make them lick your boots, then you put your foot on the back of their head and slowly push their face into your shit slowly twisting your foot to make sure their face is fully rubbed in. I wish it could be my handsome face but I live too much far away.