Her First Pee

Eat My Shit Stupid!

Stay down on the floor where you belong slave, looking up at my ass… and I’ll tease you for being here, waiting with your mouth wide open to birth a shit between your lips… I know you can’t wait, can you? Oh, I know you’re hungry, slave…be good, the wait’ll make my shit even sweeter. Oops, alright… you ready, slave? Follow my orders now… and eat my fresh hot shit 🙂

Japanese Young Gal Hard Scat 2-3

There is a cute Japanese gal will challenge hard scat play.

Waiting My Turd… And Pee

187.3 On this clip do not happen anythings, nothing….. yes, i have to pee (and i do it) but my slave is waiting for… my turd. If you love to wait, see it. If you want to see my turd go to 187.4 It is 23 min so the low i can here is 11.99. Do not see it if you are not liking to wait! MP4