Her Igh Eel Piss

Pee Vomit And Double Shit

To teach the new slave immediately our way, we show him what is expected from a toilet. A living toilet has to swallow snot, puke, piss and shit, and that’s exactly what the new slave gets into his filthy mouth.

Close Contact With Christina’s Shit And Urine

I was completely under the smelly ass of Christina and swallowed all her stench. Elegant ass Christina sat tight on my face, not allowing me to breathe – I was completely in her power!

Young Maid Scats For Cash!

She is already receiving generous pay from her employer but he’s still offering more. Just for stripping and shitting on the floor or wherever he likes, she can get lots of extra cash, clean and simple. Why not, she says. So she takes her clothes off and hands her panties over to him, just the way he orders her. She sits over a glass bowl on the floor and fills it with her clear piss. She squats over some tissue paper on the floor and produces little clumps of shit. Satisfied, he hands her the money, easy and tax-free.

Perfect Human Toilet

Miss Cherie uses her new slave for the first time as a toilet. After the loser could spoil her feet, she pisses only in a glass, then she shits him directly into the mouth. Without something goes wrong this perfect toilet swallows the entire load, also the glass is emptied completely. Cherie still torments him a little with her high heels before it is again locked in his cell.