Her Man Brunette Proud To Eat Shit

Pooping Thick Log At My In Laws Place

I am on vacation at my in laws place. They live deep in the woods of Canada in a very small house. I wanted to make an outdoor vid but on that particular day it was raining outside. I have to be sneaky and can’t talk to you guys, cause my in laws are right in the other room and they would hear me.Can you believe I haven’t poop since 9 days? (My new record!) I squat on top of the toilet and pee. Then I take a piece of toilet paper and hold in under me because I don’t want my poop to fall down the toilet. I thick long log comes out and I manage to hold it straight. You can hear my in laws talking in the other room (I have no privacy at all!). I wash my hands and show you the log from a closer angle. I spread my ass and show you my dirty asshole. I put my poop in the toilet. There is no way this is going to pass throught the hole. There is no water pressure here! I wipe my ass and show you the dirty toilet paper. I flush and like I anticipated the toilet is blocked. I put my clothes back on.I go out and go grab something from the kitchen (not on camera). Come back in the bathroom and cut my poop in pieces. I flush again, this time successfully. ***This is the SD/MOBILE Version of the clip. You can also find the HD version of the clip in my store.***

Spread Delicious Shit – Eat It All!

My slave is already laying on the floor and kiss my sweet pretty legs. He carefully sucks every finger of my legs. I very love foot fetish, when my legs completely fit into slave mouth. Now my toilet slave must open his mouth and waiting until I fill his mouth with my shit. But first he has to lick my ass clean. Now he’s ready to feel the taste of my nasty shit. And he will kiss my feet along with my shit. Do you like that? Really? Feel my disgusting shit and swallow my spit. Drink my pee and eat my fecales, dirty bitch! Be patient and value your place in my life, a miserable slave!

Attention Toiletlicker!

I will teach you to clean the toilet well! If necessary with your tongue, so that you learn it. Lick off the spatter and remains of one week and put your ugly face deeeep into the toilet. Gosh, how nasty you are!

Eat My Massive Dump!

Who would have thought that such a small cute girl could deliver such a massive load?! To see her small asshole open and expand as she pushes this big shit out is a total joy. Seeing her slave consume it is almost better!