Her Man Shit Eat Slave

Toilet Slave Instruction Game On Skype Call

We’ve been hanging out on Skype for years but now that your date with another pretty girl has gone well for you in real life – I’m a little jealous! I’ll never admit it but I miss when I got all of your attention and I want it back!———————————————–You lose a bet to me and that means the two of us play a game of chance. I roll dice to see what happens to you and lets just say it involves you making quite a mess of your pants! If I get a 6 it means you have to do whatever I want, no questions asked.—————————————————–Before watching this video you’ll need to have to pee and shit pretty badly – be desperate if you’d like to play along! Specifically, for full immersion into the fantasy, drink a bunch of coffee :)————————————————Impress me, your online friend, and don’t worry about your irl girl ever finding out!

The Slut Toilet

Today the wonderful Mistress Giorgia wants to humiliate the slave in a special way …Today the slave will be her whore and her toilet, the Mistress is wearing a tiger-mink skirt to the slave, humiliate her and make her feel a whore.Then she orders the slave to lie down because she must piss, an abundant pee begins over the chest and the penis of the slave. Today the slave is lucky and he is allowed to make toilet paper with his tongue.The slave performs this job very well until the Mistress is completely cleansed, but the Mistress is still unhappy and she commits the slave to lick all her pee on the ground, all while being humiliated and spit.

Thick, Hard Turd

A thick hard sausage ball crawls out of my tight asshole. Do you like it, how to stretch my asshole and slowly squeezed through the brown chocolate?

Back In Action Ipod/iphone

After a long hiatus Mistress Dee formerly Mistress Missy is back in action and ready to use the toilet again. She starts off with some nice farts in its face before releasing a thick long monster log into is waiting mouth. After the huge log she makes the toilet lick her shitty ass clean. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, Ipad 720p HD and Iphone/Ipod formats