Her Rleader Pee

Mistress Margo And Friend Strapon And Toilet

The BBW Mistress continue her movies with our toilet slave and she just recording another one. Today she humiliate him with a nice strapon fucking scene. Then the toilet slave was sent to Mistress Margo and his humiliation continue. Mistress Margo trampling him, humiliate him with socks in mouth, socks on face, cleaning dirty socks. She shit on a plate and order him to open his mouth because she want to feed him She continue his toilet training next week with another kinky feeding in latex.

Mistress Anita Filling Toilet Mouth With Her Golden Piss

Mistress Anita is back on videos ! She is a gorgeous Romanian Domme and she love to have many slaves at disposal. She also use them as full toilets, whenever she want that ! Today she strapon fuck her slave and give him her fresh champagne, as reward.

Standing In The Kitchen Shit, Mild Diarrhea

Now I know how …. Look for yourself what I mean: 🙂 close-up at the end, including, pee I had afterwards, you are allowed to look at another video like ;-)) The ass siehste as well

The Shit Mask P1

First, the new toilets is slave serve the Scatqueens as a living punching ball. Lady Domi and Lady Kimi have fun, beat him and spit in his silly face. Then the two enjoy a cigarette and use the idiot as a human ashtray, on his knees head up, mouth open, so the Scatqueens are loving it. Then Lady Kimi is peeing and shitting a huge pile of shit into his toilet mouth.