Herin Lesbian Piss

Ms D’s Stinko De Mayo!!

Here are some FUNKY clips from Ms D she sent a few days ago!! One of my OG FUNKY Ladies, Ms D still graces me with her prescence from here and there. As usual the results are awesome!! Enjoy Three Great clips from the office as Ms D Comes in and snap, crackle, and Plops!! Enjoy as she squats over the bowl in a few of the scenes with her ass in the air to get those turds out!! As always plenty of great grunting, plopping and straining as well!!

Shitting On Slave’s Face!

Her boytoy will do anything for her, even the really disgusting stuff just to make her happy. Right now she wants to take a dump on his pathetic face and he’s going to give that to her. She takes her panties off and squats her bare ass on his face. She makes him lick her pussy and asshole to prep her scatting. A couple of minutes later, she released a solid chunk of shit right into his open mouth. She commands him to eat it and he willingly obliges.

I Can’t Pay My Rent, So My Landlady Pees On My Face! – Part 4

She rubs her ass on my face to smear the pee all over. She uses her gloved hands to smear the liquid shit all over my face.