Hidden Cam Cat Chs Girl In Toylet Pooing

Scatqueens Scat Pig P2

Now the toilet slave is allowed to go to his knees and gets the shit served by Scatqueen’s Lady Domi. She feeds him first. Then he has to shove the shit into his pig’s mouth. He is humiliated and spit in his face. Somehow, the slave has problems and almost puke. The Syatqueens laugh.

Shit And Piss By Mistress

Again Godess cannot keep her shit inside and put the camera and record it for all her fans !

The Shitting World Of Nina Heart..

We start the classic CGP collection with this fantastic compilation of big and fat turds from a dreamgirl….Dont miss her american girl shits, they will never return!!

Thick Ms D Poop Compilation

Oh When the Stank, Goes Marchin in. When the Stank goes Marchin in!!! I want to be in that number! Here’s Ms D again making music with her ass! She is tall and thick and I swear she can really light it up!! Sounds like a trumphet is lodged in her asshole!! Here are six of her best Clips. You can but the Compilation for less that all her solo clips sold separately. Even Includes the clips from Nikki D’s Gass from the ass comp. The best Ebony Clip ever made!!