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Mistress Roberta Another Epic Movie With Shit

Mistress Roberta was in a great mood in this morning. She was thinking to humiliate her toilet and she propose him a task : if he can cumm while he eat her shit, he will not be in chastity. Else, he will be severe punished and remain another 3 months in chastity with key at Mistress Roberta. She enjoy to abuse him and she pissing a huge torent of pee right into his mouth and then she farting in his mouth and oblige him to remain with mouth wide open for her shit. She make a diarrhea again and slave was not able to cumm……to be continued……with chastity locked !!

Goodness Grace’s New Golden Relief!!

Enjoy a nice collection of Pee Clips From Goodness Grace!! Enjoy Four orgasmic like pee releases from this sexy Georgia Peach! Enjoy as she spreads nice and wide to show the streaming piss go down the bowl in a few scenes. Enjoy the pure exstacy she feels in the final scene as she rubs on her nipples while squatting above the bowl to pee. Four Hot new clips for all my Pee lovers!!

Horse Shit

Biggest Fucking Load ive ever shitted!Im sitting watching my favorite show and all of a sudden i need to shit and it feels different then the rest, this feels like its gonna be alot of shit! Shorts on, blouse open with my tits out my shit begins to come thru my ass and it hurts like HELL! This load is FUCKING HUGE the shit hits my shorts and i begin to moan in agony the pain hurts so much i feel my ass hole stretching and im not even spreading my cheeks with help its just stretching! The shit pushes my shorts and inside, i keep moaning in pain and more and more and more shit comes out EVENTUALLY it shows a buldge in my shorts, i begin TO PISS IN MY SHORTS WHILE THE SHIT IS STILL PUSHING THRU MY SHORTS. This bulge starts to slide to the side of my shorts and peek out the side I HAVE SO MUCH SHIT ITS COMING OUT THE SIDE OF MY SHORTS!!!! i then turn arund to show my pissy and shitty mess and i bend over and pull my shorts down. My ass has shit everywhere and gaping my ass still has ALL CREAMY SHIT STILL COMING OUT CREAMY SHIT IS ALL OVER MY LEG ASWELL. Im wanting you to come and bite and lick my creamy shitty leg and juicy nasty ass all up. THEN I SHOW YOU WHAT CAME OUT MY ASS its a big huge load of HORSE SHIT! its so much shit THE MOST SHIT IVE EVER CREATED AND ITS THE STINKIEST IVE EVER SMELLED i then put the cam on the ground to show up my ass and naked body with my tits flopping all over the place I BEGIN TO TWERK WITH MY SHIT ALL IN THE AIR LITERALLY THE SHIT IS IN THE AIR buncing off my ass its so much shit all this HORSE SHIT needs to be consumed by you quickly be a good lil fuck and burry your face in all this shit!

Schoolgirl Is A Shit-smeared Mess! – Full Movie

This girl got inferior grades in school again and this time, her stepmother has had enough! The girl’s father had given her free reign to punish the girl however she sees fit and does she have a nasty punishment in mind! During dinner, she serves the girl a plate and tells her to shit on it or else! The poor girl produces a fresh mound of shit, which her stepmother makes her eat! She orders the girl to smear the shit all over her body as well! For the finishing touch, she sits on the girl’s face and makes her eat pussy!