Hidden Cam Toilet Shit Shitting Cat

Mistress Andreea And Nicolle Use Toilet Slave In Attic Part 2

Goddess Andreea call another toilet slave today to humiliate him with her friend, Mistress Nicolle. In this movie, they order him to go upstairs in the attic and prepare for worst ! Mistresses order him to suck their strapons, to lick and suck their high heels and to worship their bodies ! A nice pissing scene in this part, where both Mistresses piss in a jar and put their piss on his body, cock, face and order him to lick it from floor. The toilet scene was recorded by a cameraman. This is part 2


Hot doctor is nasty farting,peeing and pooping in big diaper for you!

Anja Returns With A Sweet Turd…

Wow, watch beautiful Anja pushing out her smelly turds in the living room!!

Piss Soup For A Slave

Princess Nikki prepares a yummy Piss Soup for a slave. He need to drink it all!