Hidden Cam Young Girl Pee Toilet

Mistress Gaia – Eat Your Greens

It’s your lucky day! I’m just off out, and I want to share some of my favourite horderves with you. Lately, I know you havn’t been eating you greens and that’s not healthy. So I want you to lie on the floor while I provide you with the greenest nutritional shit you’ll ever enjoy. I have placed it on a nice piece of plastic for you, I also decorated it with some of my delicious spit. You must finish it all and not leave any, as I’ll be very upset and will have to punish you. Enjoy eating the best of greens in this special treat from Mistress Gaia…

Poo Focus

this is a custom video, the following is the client’s scene description: Another desperation video but instead focus more on the anus. Focus on the actual scat toward the end.. Possibly afterwards you spread your cheeks to get an unclose view of your dirty asshole.” (GIF doesn’t represent quality of the video! Actual clip is HD 1080p)***DO NOT REPOST OR REDISTRIBUTE MY VIDEOS!!!***

Self Enema She Sprayed Shit!

Just another day walking in the park when this naughty girl decided to take a dump in public!

P – Pee Into Glass And Panties – Hq 640×480

HQ 640×480, time 17:41. Mistress Weronika is peeing to glass and panties.