Hidden Shower Piss


Hot baby is hot panty pooping nasty in the night !

Introducing Tina!!

Say hello to Tina!! Another of the new recruits, this clip will have you cursing up a storm ? just like the tattoo right above her ass!! It?s as if the tattoo was reading my mind as I was like ?FUCK!!? watching some of the monsters she let out her ass in these two clips!! Two great rearview clips, one at home and one gassy, ploptastic clip at her job. Hopefully this is the first of many explosive clips from this sexy young hotty!! Ass, gas, and turd splash aplenty ? you will be sure to be screaming ?Shitfuckgotdayum?! All at once!!

Funnel Fed Slave Drinks Golden Juice

A slave is joined in the bathroom with his boss and mistress. She places a funnel into his mouth before squatting over him to deliver a steady but strong stream of piss into his mouth!

My Boots Licker Is Hungry

Bound to the pillory my little boots licker is waiting for his meal. But first my muddy boots must be cleaned. He does well, so he will now receive his dinner. What a pressure inside of me ? this time we have real power in shooting a huge load directly in his mouth. He chokes, but then swallows the whole portion. Spitting it out again is difficult with a boot in the mouth? *laugh*