Hidden Toilet Girls Japanese Shitting

Piss In The Funnel

The prisoner get pissed twice in the ass, using a funnel. She is not happy about it;)

Unplanned Diarrhea

Oh no, that should be ne fat portion shit !! And what came out of my ass and the tight, brown hole ?! A sausage came out first, then came the rest, if you can call it that:-) because, for NEN rest that was pretty much:-) Dark brown, liquid Durchfall..wow, I only tell. But, look at yourself, what’s landed in the container, directly ready for shipment:-)Of course I also used toilet paper . this I consider you under the nose

What A Morning Sausage

I urgently need you back shit, so I thought I had it set me once a fat sausage before you get the Nase.Na desire to taste of it?