Hidden Toilet Pooping Japan Asian

Helen 2

Helen back for some more shitting. Takes her little panties off, showing her hot body, then bent right over ass facing the camera does a shit. Vertical format.

Cum With My Shit Toilet

Do you like serving me, slave? How badly do you want to keep worshipping me? Well, I have a few ideas on how to up the ante… and unless you do everything I say, I won’t let you serve me anymore, loser. You better not disappoint me–you know you’re so pathetic no one else would even bother letting you lick their butt. Today you did such a good job being a little servant and cleaning my toilet, slave–but now you have to clean something more – and more importantly, is my shitty asshole. Swallow my shit, slave–lick up the salty spray from my piss! Do it slave, and I’ll give you an even bigger “treat” you get to eat after… Open wide, toilet slave! Eat my shit, chew it up and swallow–or I’ll ignore you!

Mistress Gaia – Scat & Sweet Champagne

I’m based in Rome, and today I have a distinctly Roman feel and decided to wear a beautiful silk short toga style dress. I arrive and sit on my throne, then I summon my slave. He has been quite good lately, and I’m going to reward him. This is a special little treat. I have a small sweet bowl, and a long stem glass. My slave is going to enjoy a delightful scat sweet, and he’s going to wash it down with a glass of my delicious amber nectar. I begin by allowing my slave the honor of kissing my hand, and I give him a little tease with my finger as I push it into his mouth. What a lucky bitch he is, don’t you think? I then remove my panties and allow him to smell my beautiful scent. I get him to hand me the sweet bowl, and I then relieve myself by filling it with my delicious shit. I know he’s desperate to begin enjoying his little treat. Not yet… I place the glass under my pussy and put some pee into it, then handing it to my slave to allow him to savor the delights to come. As he drinks it I can see he wants more. I fill the glass and hand it to him. As I stand over him, he then takes a spoon that I have left him, and enjoys eating all of my shit from the bowl. Finally, I leave him with the glass in his hand, as he enjoys the last drop of my sweet champagne…