Hiden Cam Shiti

Treatment With Piss And Shit

Today I have the ill patient, and today I will make it my toilet. Having studied the behavior of ill patient, I give him his diagnosis. He needs compulsory treatment with my Pee and Shit. I feed him with my piss and shit. Now he will get better, I think…

Piss In My Jeans

on me jeans and I want to write. I take off my jeans and start writing with a strong stream. this can be seen close-up. this is a super sight.I sleep after the party. on me jeans and a nightie. my girlfriend wakes me to the toilet. I do not want to get up and keep writing water. I want to fall asleep again. but I start to write. this I do right in bed and in jeans. now I’m all wet. I am falling asleep.

Girl Shit, Daubed His Shit Her Breasts And Licking Their Fingers In Shit.

Girl shit, daubed his shit her breasts and licking their fingers in shit.

3 Craftsmen Pissed Into My Mouth!

I was at home and wanted to quickly bring out the garbage! As I walk around naked most, I am quickly naked, out went to the dumpsters of my apartment building. That one just 3 craftsmen worked, I really could not imagine! The looked not bad and asked me if she could go with me to the toilet. Thought they intended to use my toilet, at my home, but before I knew it, I was sitting in front of the guys and they pissed me successively in my mouth and I had to swallow their stinking piss. After they had me pissing in my mouth I had to, their tails, blow clean. In the second part I had to blow their cocks deep, until they are all 3, even injected me in my mouth and I had to swallow their sperm!