High Heel Pee

Fedding The Slave. Yum-yum

Today you will enjoy a delicious treat from my ass. I am your Mistress and you my toilet. Do not forget this. Today you will have to absorb my waste. Dispose of my shit. I know you like eating my shit. Chew and swallow every piece of shit and don’t choke. Well done, you did the job.

Mistress Roberta – Leather, See True Panties And Shit-full

Today y pot will pass tough a series of hard tries untill he gets his meal so he must be wothy of is so today i got my leather jacket without anything undet and my new see true panties my pot gave as a present and some wet ook collant and i whip his ass well at first to try my new whip collection to see if they are strong enough for a beating after i remove my pants and tease him with the panties i order him to worship my ass, i do also some facesitting with him and after i pee on him tough the see true panties and shit firts in teh panties and after drop it in his mouth i take also the pieces on the floor and put them in his mouth and push the hand inside to make him swallow and after i let him lick the pussy juices from inside my panties ,enjoy!

10 Liters Of Piss For Penny And Rosella! Perverse! Extreme! Unique!

On the horny dirty sow party on 13.08.16 in Stuhr, the men & women were not allowed to go to the toilet,but had to piss and piss me in our greedy mouths (see video series Perverse dirt sow party with PennyPayne and RosellaExtrem!) Or into one 10 liter canister until this rim was full. Of course, I also pissed into the canister and squirtet! The piss that landed next, Penny and I,from the ground, slurped, swallowed and gave us horny piss kisses. After the canister was full, Penny and I, with the piss, were bottled and showered. We had to shower with soap, our hair and body soaps and bathe with the piss, shower and wash our hair. We were thus soiled with the 10 liters of piss and poured over, the piss, literally, stood up to the neck! Such a perverse and extreme, you certainly have not seen! Really worth seeing. So that you can see everything is real, and what a perverse piss orgy that was, there is here, only the full movie, to see from this crass, extremely nasty & perverse action!

Ebony Shit

Ebony women shitting, pissing and farting