High Pee Machine

2 Times Hardcore Shit In Slaves Face And Mouth

To all shit eaters who can not wait. Here is a video of a weekend toilet. You see what will await you. 2 times the slave is bottled hardcore. Such an extreme XXL charge shit you have guaranteed not seen in any video! The entire video is shitting! As soon as he had eaten the first charge, the second charge comes after. At some point his stomach is so full of shit up to his neck that I have to reload with his hand and foot in his mouth until he bursts! What are you waiting for? I await your application! Finally, the slave is broken with Brainfucking of the finest psychic. I know that some can not imagine eating shit. But I know exactly how to break you! Each of you will beg me to eat my shit. If I wish, I could leave anyone in the state forever. Then you will spend your life as a toilet until the end.

Alina Pooping In Pantyhose

Alina Pooping in Pantyhose

A Few Days In Toilet Wmv

Three days of my dirty toilets. In the first video I’m naked piss and shit. In the second video, I get up in the morning with abdominal pain, I have constipation. The third video this relax in my toilet with pee and poop.