High Pressure Piss

Flip Flop Heaven

Massive liquid caviar on my flip flopsLeft my ass feeling on fire

The Shit Eater Comes To Late P2

Lady Kimi and Lady Domi are humiliating these slave and whip him, while first pile of shit is yet in the mouth of the toilet slave. The Scatqueens decides to shit another pile on top. Lady Kimi gets in position and pee into his mouth. After that it comes a great pile of shit out of her asshole and his mouth is filled up again with shit.

Make Time 3 Cans Full Of Shit!

This also means that you have to pinch off 3x the Poop! Do the times after without pooping out on the hand, to let nothing know when woman has to pinch off if the Deckle probably go on it go wrong ..? Well, then look 🙂