High Speed Anal

Full Toilet For Two Girls In The Sauna

Girls like to humiliate a slave in the sauna and use him as a toilet. Adelina leads the slave on a leash like a dog and makes him sniff their smelly asses. Alexandra laughs at the slave and spits in his mouth. The girls suffer for a long time and din’t go to the toilet since yesterday to feed the hungry slave. Girls filled the slave’s mouth with delicious diarrhea and made the slave eat all shit and suffocate from the smell. The slave was very difficult – but he likes it!

Glamour Model Lingerie Little Poop

I’m still pretty shy about shitting on camera so my poops are pretty small lol. I work really hard to push this shit out of me. You can just see my asshole working to get it out again and again. Finally it comes out. A cute little poop. Enjoy!

The Shitting Tramper Girls

Fantastic scenes with Jasemine and Candy, 2 girls that are riding from the american west coast to the american east cost and get some travelling money by doing a big poop shooting. Her shit is excellent…