Hijab Rapeed By Soldier

Bathed In Shit!

Outside the bedroom, he is the boss of his two pretty mistresses. Inside the bedroom, it’s a different story; THEY are the boss. When they want to bathe his face with shit, there’s nothing he can do about it. With him lying down on the floor and already drenched in filthy liquids, the girls take turns sitting on his face and shitting on it. They shit right into his mouth and make him eat it! They shit and shit on his face until he is already drowning in filthy muck!


Blonde is hot pooping in sexy tight velvet dundup jeans,peeing and teasing with sexy richmond sneakers;)

My Angel Guard Ordered Me:poop Now! 2 Girls Pooping

I was Lying on the couch with no intensions to fall asleep.BUt I did.Don’t remember the begging of my dream but here is what i do remember.MY angel guard visit me in my dream.She was all dressed in white and had her halo on her head.She looked like Jessy!My angel guard was Jessy… Dannie,YOU must poop..NOOWWWW! and I woke up a bit scared.I was so confused!… Jessy,Jessy are you here???NObody said anything… Jessyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! She finally came in the room… Whats wrong my dear??I told her everything!I felt something going wrong,I really needed to poop.Ran to the toilet…My angel guard told me to poop,so I willl but you MUST do it too!!! … Such a messy end,so dirty toilet,and a lot of fun!!I thank my angel guard for giving us the best idea ever!