Hina Factory Piss

Close Contact With Christina’s Shit And Urine

I was completely under the smelly ass of Christina and swallowed all her stench. Elegant ass Christina sat tight on my face, not allowing me to breathe – I was completely in her power!


Blonde is nasty pooping in sexy jeans dundup and panties messy shit!

Shit And Pee In Plastic Slip

My wife makes shit and pee in plastic slip… Amazing bizarre fetish!

Lil Stink Naked Poop

Swear I’m jealous of fellow Lady Keeping It Funky crew member Lia Boo. She gets to go home to Lil Stink every Night!! In This one Lil Stink and Lia Boo went to a hotel for a Romantic Weekend. Lil Stink woke up to take a nice AM before hopping in the shower. She decides that since you all have been loyal subjects she would give you a lil tease of all her goodies! The way she tries to cover herself is just plain adorable. But when you are as ‘blessed in the chest’ as a Lil Stink, it’s impossible to cover everything! So yeah salivate (and masturbate) to your heart’s contempt on this one!