Hindi Pee Ker

Food From My Ass On My Face With Dildo

Want to watch me having fun with my new Dildo? Or maybe you want to see my recipe for overlaying the mask of shit ? So what are you waiting for?” Another super cool video, from me your shitty Queen!) This video has NO soundtrack, music and so on. ONLY THE SOUNDS OF THE VIDEO!) Good quality and long duration at an attractive price) Stay in touch love you)PS:This video was shot on the idea, one of the fans!) I be very happy if you leave review))

Feeding The Cat

My slave Cat gets to be in the presence of my amazingly beautiful ass. I am stunning in my new year’s skirt, but even more amazing when I take my panty. The slave is ordered to attend beside my elegant ass as I squat down to make a deposit of my exquisite shit in front of his nose. The smell of my shit permeates his lungs as the golden treasure is slowly extruded by the perfection that is my ass. But I am not done. I have some pee that my slave is privileged to drink. Then I stand up and give the cat permission to taste the plate with my smelly shit. You get to see me, my pussy and asshole framed by the softly undulating curves of my unbelievable ass, almost as if you were a man. Now, in the presence of Mistress, the slave eats a plate of shit and is grateful. The unappreciative slave tries to pull away but I, in my infinite wisdom, already have him in a dog leash and collar. Eat everything, all that comes out of my ass! All without residue! And drink my pee ))


I let go of load

Shitting On A Cutting Board

Shitting on a cutting board (JJ000473)