Hir Poop Piss Pee In Floor

Mistress Roberta -dog Feeding Fresh Shit

Today my pot behaves like a dog and he licks my ass clean after i shit and he gets the food by my hand first and after from the doggy tray because is almost full with shit so he makes all his face with shit trying to eat it, enjoy.

Milf Ellie – Pee & Shit Tub

Another early morning, Ellie starts peeing into a tub untill it almost gets full. She sticks her finger inside her ass and dig a a nice little piece of brown turd, shows it to you and does it a couple of times before she take a nice warm fresh load into a tub. She then fingers her ass so she can show you how dirty her finger and asshole can be. She cleans her finger and wipe her ass with a toiletpaper and let you see the dirtyness on the paper. tags: shitting, pissing, shitty finger, sweettalk, dirty asshole, dirty toiletpaper

It’s Hard To Pee…

…… for a shy girl! Jenny has to pee very urgently! She runs to the toilet and starts to undress immediately. Then she sits down at the toilet bowl. A little bit of pee is leaving her pussy – but then it’s hard to continue. She decides to stand up and tries it again… that’s much better now! There is so much pee firing out of her pussy now! She messes up the whole ground. She decides to clean it again – but doing so makes her so horny that she has to play with her pussy. To finger her wet hole she sits down at the toilet bowl – and starts to pee again! Now she cannot stop – and fingers her pussy until she has an awesome orgasm…!