Hit And Piss On Shoes

Three Ladies Enema And Poop Smearing! – Part 2

Part 2 – The second woman, just like earlier, is bent over and gets her asshole rubbed and finger fucked! By the time she is ready, she is made to defecate and pee inside the same glass bowl! After which, the half-filled container is poured on the bodies of the ladies who have contributed to the mixture! To make things more interesting, they would smear the filth all over them! Though, despite all the mess that they have made, they are not yet done! One of the ladies is bent over and gets a fluid injected into her asshole! Apparently, she is receiving an enema!

Shit Was A Lot, The Taste And Smell Was Amazing

Shit was a lot, the taste and smell was amazing, I tried to swallow large portions to do everything quickly and not upset Christina – she does not like when I swallow a long time and she has to wait. When I ate everything, I was thirsty and with great pleasure drank urine!

Three Clips With My Poo

Three short videos from my toilet. You will see my sexy ass on the back and side as I do poop and pee. Feel the wonderful smell of my shit.

Swiss Girl Shitting

Wow, a fantastic swiss teenager in hot white dress shiting a wonderful turd out of her ass!!