Hit Piss Torture Cry Forced Drink Eat

Good Epiphany From Mistress Giorgia Divina

The Mistress decides to wish good epiphany in a very special way …. It takes a bowl and put in some chocolates, some coal and then starts …. shitting in the bowl …. A wonderful piece of shit .. . Now the toilet slave can taste the chocolates filled with Mistress

Husband Gets Smothered With Shit!

She told him to take out the trash over and over but he still failed to do so. It would be so easy to just order him out of the house, but she has a better punishment for him. She makes him lie down naked on the floor. She squats over his obedient face and pops out mushy shit right on his mouth! She tells him to eat all of it, which he does with no hesitation!


Ofelia is running red diareeah in the pants!

Piss Drink 33

Drink piss from the champagne glass! Joschi has drunk with its mistress Bizarr Lady Jessica for a particularly perverted, messed up evening. Während die göttliche Kaiserin Sekt aus ihrem Sektglas trinkt, bekommt Joschi ihren Natursekt direkt in sein Glas und muss dieses dann genüßlich austrinken.While the divine empress is drinking champagne from her champagne glass, Joschi gets her golden shower directly in its glass and then must drink this up pleasurably.