Hiting And Eating Shit

Lesbian Games In Shit

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Mistress Lilly Shit In Mall 1

Mistress Lilly just make another shitty movies with her masturbating while shitting in Mall’s bathroom. She really love to do it in public places and she adore to play with her shit. A true Scat Goddess !!

Call Of Nature P2

Mistress Michelle sitting on the commode and peeing directly into the slaves mouth. Shortly after the shit falls from her ass directly into the mouth of the toilet slave. But today, it is especially for the slave. He can not swallow and must keep the shit in his mouth while he is whipped with a cane. This is not pleasant for the slaves, but he makes every effort to keep the shit from Mistress Michelle in his mouth, as she had arranged it.

Toilet Yap

As a reward, the Toilet Yap is still milked . But until it ‘s swallowed, then squirt!