Hole Pee Boxers

Lady Luciana’s Trans-slave Shitting In The Mouth!

I met with Lady Luciana. Luciana had brought her trans-slave to the meeting. First, the slave got a hose in the mouth to which a cup was attached. In this cup I pissed then and the piss ran through the hose into the mouth of the trans-slave and she had to swallow all my piss. Then I squatted, with my asshole, over the mouth of the trans-slave and I pooped her a nice soft shit sausage in her mouth. On my shit, Luciana and me spit on it. Then we fed the slave until she had eaten all my shit. The trans-slave, then had to thank us and to say that my shit and piss and our snot tasted good! This video was taken by 3 cameras and the hot piss shit and snot scenes you see from 3 different camera angles.

Oh Shit You What Ne Huge Portion For T

It should be a Monday sausage 🙂 I did it, except .. it has not become a sausage, but a fat HEAP! Watch as she immediately wants out of my ass ..

When I Find That Fingers Shitting

When my fingers is the shit + Dirtytalk.Musste I once again indulge themselves make my wet pussy. As I’ve spoiled me I got the shit that I is not care anymore. I just carried on but look at yourself Horny Dirty Talk.