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Desperate Admirer Drinking Lady’s Piss! – Part 2

Eventually, the sweetheart lays the man on the floor on his back and then sits on his face! It is at this point that things took a turn for the worst for the man! He is ordered to hold a glass on top of his mouth which she then fills by urinating inside! Once full, she makes him lick her pussy clean and then has him drink every drop of her piss!

099.2.1 Cigar Scat In Mouth

099.2.1 and here we are, a big cigar of shit in his mouth… and he have to eat all my shit!

Diaper Full Of Shit

Did you miss her?? Mistress Raw Desires is at it again, this time she is shitting and pissing in and adult diaper. Tune in as she fills the diaper! then pulls it off, shows it off, then shakes her ass. This is a must see…