Holly Peers Xvideo

Shit Long Creamy Load In Public Park

I’m in my car and park in a public park with people walking by. I need to shit and there’s no bathroom near by so I get in my backseat of my car and pull down my pants get a bag and begin to shit and A THICK LONG CREAMY LOAD COMES OUT and it’s VERY LONG it slides down the bag and falls on my floor and I show u the load AND ITS SO WARM I SHOW THE STEAM COMING FROM MY LOAD there’s so much and it gets everywhere!!!! People are still walking by and jogging and I hope I don’t get caught or did I ?

Stick Your Mouth Under My Arsehole

If you conformable slave, then get to watch your Mistress pleasure herself with her sinful buttplug until she pulls it out–completely filthy and caked with poop! I makes you lick it and then I drop a huge load of shit into your mouth to eat out of – yum-yum! It’s really big and tasty. A smelly heavy shit! I had a playtime with toy dick and shove it into my filthy arsehole. Mmm.. it’s so dirty and sweety. ? Eat all that stinky, delicious shit and not leave a single trace behind!

Mistress Roberta -toilet Training In The Morning

Today my pot gets a new training as my toilet i teach him how to hold my ass for me to shit confortable in his mouth but before he haves to lick clean inside my panties because he made me wait too much today and he almost lost the shit today so first he haves to clean the shit on the panties and after i put his hands in the position to hold my ass so i pee, poop a nice soft diarrhea on his entire face and neck and soon he was full with the diarrhea and swallowed all he haves in his mouth and shows the empty mouth .