Home Made Shit Hotdogs

The Lovers Quarrel Escalated! Part 1

PART 1 MOVIE – This movie about the young couple’s quarrel has definitely escalated because she set him up to get a beating from her girlfriends!

Two Girls Pooping In Men’s Underwear-fill These Boxers Honey!!!

We are staying on the terrace,early in the morning.I already have the urge to poop but I?m waiting Jessy to bring me my coffee.I can’t go without it!She goes in when she suddenly tells: Do you know what I bought to my boyfriend? Boxers! But they are too small! I start laughing cause she doesn’t know even the size of him! Oh,Jessy I gotta go to the toilet! NO,Danni, WAIT!!! Why dont we put them on and poop inside them?? This idea get us too horny and of course my poop is going everywhere!!! I have it on my hands,trying to protect the floor of being screwed again!Such a nice feeling, these men’s boxers fits perfectly on our pussies.Yummy!

Morning Breakfas (poo Eating)

140.2 Last clip of video 140 with my sissy Carlotta. She have to finish to eat all my shit and clean the dish with her tongue. All eating video, it is not easy eat all this kind of breakfast, you will see. MP4

Toilet Slave Takes Toilet Shape

Here Chrystal and Gabi hang the Slave’s Hands from a Tree so he turns into a comfortable Toilet for them with english Subtitles