Homemade Finl And Espoo Kilo

Man’s Mouth Is Two Dominatrixes’ Toilet! – Part 3

The sweetheart continues feeding the man with her pussy! However, her bladder later gets refilled, causing her to stand and urinate on his face again! It doesnÂ’t take long before she is done doing so and performs her final face sitting and pussy smothering! Only stopping until she gets completely satisfied!

Training And Feeding With Mistress Victoria

Today Mistress Victoria is training the slave all dressed in one long latex black gown and she orders to the slave to worship her feet ,after she does some face sitting in latex, and when she needs she pee and shit directly in the pot’s mouth to make him eat all and torture him a bit with her toe nails on his nippes slapping him over the tights and so on, enjoy the training and feeding today !

Two Horny Girls Pooping Their Panties

She is lying on the bed.She looks so tasty with that boobs!!! I wanna have her right now.I start kissing her sweet legs,touching her big boobs and I’m getting so excited!Can’t wait to have fun with her.She stands up from the bed hurrying to the toilet but I stop her!Its the best time to have our dirty, messy, kinky stuff because I have not poop either…