Homemade Poo Girl

Eat My Waste!

I have a party with a few friends, and have my slave as our personal portable toilet. He must serve me and my friends however and whenever we want to use him. He is not allowed to say no, no matter what. All my slaves should be happy that I have found a way to use such pathetic creatures. I have my slave lay down, and squat over him.. I really need to shit. I have no idea what comes out of me, since I have had a diarrhea the past days.. But slaves need to be fed to, and I know exactly how to feed a slave. They will eat whatever I say, whenever I say! So I start pushing and some turds fall into my slaves mouth. I pee in his mouth, and he have to eat and swallow everything. Then I push out a little more for him to eat. But again itÂ’s from me, so it cannot be anything but perfect. I have the slave clean my ass afterwards, but the smock gets shit on my shoes, and have to clean this as well. I have the slave smell my ass in the end to be sure it is perfectly clean before I join my friends and continue the party.

Lesbian Scat Sis Introduction To Scatology! – Hd Only

You and your friend thought that me and my cute sis came to fuck you. But we have other ideas and an hidden agenda. You think you are going to have sex with us, we are beautiful and you will do anything to be with us. Our goal is to introduce you to scatology and the art of scatology sex. We will shit on each other and we will eat our sweet shit. One day, you will eat it too. After today, you will be converted and you will become just like my sis and I. You will fuck us, you will see how tasty our scat is and you will be back for more!HD only + special discount

Toilet Bowl With Head Locked Part 3

Girls uses Man


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