Hot Babe Eating Her Own Shit

Mistress Gaia – Scat Makeover

CUSTOM REQUEST – The video is can be similar to scat on jacket. The slave is dressed and receives the shit of the Divine Mistress on his clothes. This is to make the slave understand that nothing belongs to him, and that the Queen can dispose of him and his things as she sees fit. The Mistress after having humiliated him, will cut and tear all the clothes of the useless slave before removing him from her presence…

Pissing On Her Face

Pissing on Her Face (JJ000880)

Thirsty Girl!

This young thing has a fetish for drinking her own pee and of course I’m taking advantage of it. One time, we meet up at a fire escape so I can lie down and take her pussy in my mouth. Then she takes out a glass and fills it with her dark yellow pee. She hands it to me for inspection, then I return it to her so she can have a drink. She takes a sip and says she has to eat cleaner to produce better-tasting urine. I refilled it with my piss too and she loves it!