Hot Blond Taking A Shit

Filthy Pool Of Shit! – Part 1

As part of her welcome and initiation, the senior girls collected their shit earlier and which they are now smearing at the new girl! They smear it all over her face and body, stinking up her new hot swimsuit!

Best Of Kaviar Clip 2014

Here my best Kv Clips from the Year 2014…..the best scenes from my Asshole and Rosette!! So big shitting and very big and smeary sausages in special Positiones……

Dirty Toilet Bitch – Quicktime

Now you’re going to clean my toilet with your tongue toilet bitch. By the way – my boyfriend just went for a piss on it and hit the borders a few times – of course you’ll lick that clean too! I’ll check if you tasted every spot with your tongue and licked it well. In the meantime i’m enjoying a cigarette and put my ash on you. You’re such a loser – and you’re going to lick my boots too. And for your ultimate pleasure i’m flushing the toilet while i press your head into it! You’re only a toilet bitch – so do your job and lick the toilet clean!(Original Princess-Jenny Clip ‘Rank 3’ only for my personal cash machines)