Hot Blonde Farts

Smoking Redd Smoking, Groving, Grunting, And Sharting!!

Smoking Redd is one of my HAWT New FUNKYladies!! She covers a lot of bases as she is a Pretty feet goddess, Tattoo friendly, and just plane down for whatever!!! Enjoy as she shows you all her sides (LITERALLY) in these hot Two Clips!! Enjoy as Smoking Redd sneaks off from family visiting her house to smoke a blunt and enjoy a nice dump!! She was shaking and shimmying before finally getting that sweet brown relief!! Then in the second scene enjoy as she comes in the bathroom Turnt!! That hot new song on the radio got her hyped! Enjoy as she shakes and twerks her nice cute ass right in front the camera . Then enjoy as she starts flexing and curling her pretty manicured toes and feet in front the camera while sitting on the edge of the tub. All that dancing and toe action must have shaking something loose! Enjoy as she sits down on the toilet to enjoy her morning Wake & Bake while also letting loose a FUNKY batch of Bubbleguts!! Nothing but farts, sharts, splacks, and grunting and Straining!! Enjoy as she shows all her sides in this clip – literally!! A lil something for you Smoke lovers, Feet lovers, twerk lovers, and of course for my loyal fans of GPS Action!! That’s Grunts, Plops, and Straining for the uninitiated!! Smoking Redd is giving you a glimpse of the future!!

Bathed In Shit!

Outside the bedroom, he is the boss of his two pretty mistresses. Inside the bedroom, it’s a different story; THEY are the boss. When they want to bathe his face with shit, there’s nothing he can do about it. With him lying down on the floor and already drenched in filthy liquids, the girls take turns sitting on his face and shitting on it. They shit right into his mouth and make him eat it! They shit and shit on his face until he is already drowning in filthy muck!

Mz Booty’s Pissy Road Trip!!

Enjoy nearly a dozen minutes worth of great peeing clips from one the best asses around!!! Enjoy as she finds golden relief outdoors in the park, in hotel rooms, and in public toilets!! Also enjoy as Mz Booty puts that big old 58 inch as of hers on display!! It’s a site to behold to see all that ass. She got too much booty for most toilets, it just amazes me seeing her “butt runneth over” on the toilet seats!! A great clip for you pee lovers!!

Toilet Bowls Do Get The Best Views Of Scat, Ever! – Hd Only

Don’t you just wish you’re a lowly toilet bowl? The porcelain throne gets the best view of shitting, no question. If you have scat fetish, you will envy this blow-by-blow account of how this cute housewife unloads her crap on the shitter. She sits on the bowl and takes a piss and then she pushes her asshole muscles to eject chunks of scrap into the bowl. Oh, don’t you just wish you’re a toilet bowl even for just one day!